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  united Biotechnology Development Co., Ltd is a focus on professional and biochemical laboratory equipment manufacturers. Known for the high grade of products, superior quality products, excellent service, and praised by customers.
As the "knowledge economy" of the rapid development of a high-tech, high speed, high-information, the new economic changes, cleaned up with every enterprise, market economy in China has more and more mature, more and more economic globalization integration, opportunities and challenges of our times greatest features.

Recalling the years passed Knight Haimen excellent twists and turns, that is, opportunities and challenges in adhering to respect science, respect for innovation, following the principle of quality first, customer supreme principle, in progress in the improvement of the progress in improving steadily developed. As a result, we have deeply understood the advanced scientific methods, coupled with scientific management system, while many types of excellent talent pool, which is the driving force behind the survival and development.

In business more work, we always adhere to the "people-oriented" concept, in actual work, that is, respect for human personality, focus on human wisdom, recognize people's value and cherish human feelings, human dignity, improve the the quality of people, this is the "people-oriented" nature within the letter.

We thank the many years of excellent Knight Haimen given great support and care of our customers and friends, we will always offer you the best products and best service.

Our goal is to become a knowledge-based enterprises, the responsibility-based, international-type, longevity-oriented enterprises. Among them, particularly the completion of social responsibility as the top priority, we will gladly take up their social responsibility, hand more new and old customers, old and new friends, and common development and common progress. "Middle way win, honest light," This is the core operation of our business philosophy.

We believe in good faith and tireless efforts, we are to create a "harmonious society", adding luster to the page!

Thank you friends, thank you!

Quality management representative responsible

1. Assist in the development of quality policy, quality objectives, commitment to quality for leadership approval.
2. Preparation and revision of quality system documents, preparation of annual work plan for quality management and implement, on the terms of enterprise quality management system to run for.
3. Responsible for implementing the quality system of internal audit.
4. Needed to ensure the quality management system processes are established, implemented and maintained.
5. Reporting to top management the quality management system performance and any need for improvement.
6. To ensure that the entire organization to improve awareness of customer requirements.
7. And quality management system and other matters relating to the external contact.

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